AS THE MACHINE; Our company provides support for manufacturers to make their products suitable for abroad by revising the product according to the GOST standards, which are mandatory in the European Union countries, the machinery safety regulation, which is mandatory in the Eurasian Union countries. It makes the product ready for sale and shipment as a result of test reports, measurements and performance tests taken from accredited laboratories. AS ENGINEERING; We support the production of the necessary project-based machinery and installations according to the needs of our customers. AS CONSULTING; As MPS company, the biggest problem that the manufacturers experience in export is that they do not know the standards of the country they export to. At the moment, we provide consultancy services according to the wishes of 26 countries in the first place. We provide services to the manufacturers in the field of FDA by obtaining Turkey representation in the field of FDA, which is mandatory in the USA. Mustafa TOPTAŞ MECHANICAL ENGINEER


Our Vision

As MPS, our company is walking confidently and confidently to the future with the awareness and seriousness of its work and its self-confidence. As a company, our goal is to take our place among the leading and innovative companies that are appreciated with all their work in the machinery, engineering and consultancy service sector. Our primary point of departure is to provide the best service by applying systematic and original working methods in the service area in which we operate. With the awareness of our responsibilities, the seriousness of our responsibilities, we strive to shed light on the future with projects that will solve the needs of social life. While continuing our activities in the human resources sector, we find suitable solutions as soon as possible in order to understand and meet the needs correctly in today's conditions. We are meticulously focusing on our efforts to establish the necessary healthy communication. We measure our success by the satisfaction of the people we work with. We make our evaluations in line with the opinions and demands of service recipients and service providers. We make every effort within our means to contribute to the community life we ​​live in. As MPS company, it will continue to serve in the same way in the future as it does today.


Our Mission

Technological products, which have an important and wide place in the manufacturing sector, have become an indispensable element of today's developing and changing working life. With the rapid development of technology, we can now find many options to solve our needs in our world that is getting smaller in terms of communication. However, this multi-option can create some problems from time to time. Our company has determined the problems in the field of production and produced solutions and has taken its place in the sector to use these solutions. Although our company is a 10-year-old establishment, it continues its development rapidly in parallel with today's conditions. Today, it continues its service in the sector in line with its targets with its portfolio of more than 2000 companies, advanced technological infrastructure, knowledgeable and devoted employees. To serve honestly, reliably and consciously. By accurately identifying customer needs, to ensure that the needs are met quickly and clearly. Our company continues its uncompromising work in line with the requirements of human working and social life, without compromising business ethics, without breaking the law.

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