DAKKS ACCREDITED ISO DOCUMENTS (9001:2015,45001,10002)

ISO certificate; It is a document that proves that businesses operating in different sectors of the service area provide services in accordance with a certain standard and that they have competence in their fields. According to the standards written by the ISO organization, all of the certification processes are called ISO certification. As MPS MAKİNA ENGINEERING CONSULTING, we have been providing professional service in Konya since 2012.


ISO certificate is the general name of the quality management system standards that are created by the international standards organization ISO and can be applied to every business. While the enterprise that requests to have a certificate is first subjected to adequacy analysis before an accredited institution, the enterprise that makes a conformity analysis after the qualification analysis is certified with a quality management system certificate. There are various technical committees within the International Standards Organization. These committees create standards according to their specializations. The function of the technical committees is followed up by the Technical Committees Executive Board. The Standard Institutes, which are the representatives of the countries, assume duties in these committees. The Standard Institutes, which act as representatives of the countries, have the right to give certificates by obtaining full member status before Iso in terms of their work.


Basically ISO Certificate;


► Establishing harmonization within the nationally established standards,

► Preparation of common standards with the approval of the parties,

► Sharing the information produced through the committees,

► Making business partnerships with different international organizations,

► To prepare the basis for the preparation of different or new standards,

► It is acquired in order to contribute to global product and service exchange and to facilitate the trade of products and services.

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