R&D Centers
R&D Centers

R&D Centers


What is an R&D Center?

With the support to be provided to the projects within the scope of the program, SMEs,

The R&D Center aims to produce technological information, to make innovations in products and production processes, to increase product quality and standards, to increase productivity, to reduce production costs, to commercialize technological information, to increase competitiveness, to make the country's economy competitive at the international level through R&D and innovation. To support and encourage the development of cooperation before the beginning of the year, technology-intensive production, entrepreneurship and investments in these fields, as well as accelerating the entry of foreign direct investment in R&D and innovation into the country, and increasing employment of R&D personnel and qualified workforce.

 R&D Center Certification Basic Conditions

In order to obtain the R&D Center certificate, it is obligatory to employ at least 30 (thirty) full-time equivalent R&D personnel in the R&D centers.

The R&D Center must be in a separate physical unit or in the same location.

The company must have R&D capability.

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