Domestic Goods Certificate
Domestic Goods Certificate

Domestic Goods Certificate

What is the Purpose of Issuing Domestic Goods Certificate?

Article 63 of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734; "The participation of only domestic bidders in the tenders whose approximate costs are below the threshold values; 15% in favor of the domestic bidders who bid the goods determined by the Authority as domestic goods, by taking the opinions of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other relevant institutions and organizations in the procurement of goods," Since the administrations may make provisions in the tender document regarding the price advantage up to is called.


 What is Domestic Goods Certificate?

Demonstrating that the manufactured products, all or important stages of the production process, and the labor and action deemed economically necessary were made in Turkey; It is the certificate of locality of the product. The validity date of the Domestic Goods Certificate is one year from the date of approval. Call to find out how you can get a domestic product certificate.


 What are the Advantages of Domestic Goods Certificate?

In the source (Article 63. (c) clause of the Public Procurement Law No. 4743), it is stated that up to 15% price advantage will be provided to the bidders with the domestic goods certificate in the procurement of goods. Call to get a price advantage in tenders.

What Sectors Can Get Domestic Goods Certificate?

IT and software


Yarn Industry

Weaving Industry

Garment Industry

Paint, Finishing and Printing Industry

Jute and Asbestos Industry

Carpet and Wire Mesh Industry

Casting Industry

Hardware Industry

Various Wire Products Industry in Cold and Hot State

Various Metal Industry

Assembly and Repair, Copper Workshops

Electrical Equipment Manufacturing, Electrical Equipment Installation, Repair Workshops

Coating Industry

Plumbers and Plumbers

Wood Goods Industry

Soil Goods Industry

Quarries and Mineral Extraction Industry

Glass and Porcelain Industry

Paper and Cardboard Goods Industry

Printing and Binding Industry

Chemical Industry

Soap and Cleaning Materials Industry

Plastic Goods Industry

Rubber Goods Industry

Leather Goods Industry

Film and Photography Industry

Prosthesis and Orthopedics Industry

Various Construction Contracting Works

Leather Salting and Assortment Works

industrial service


What is required to get a Domestic Goods Certificate?

Companies wishing to obtain a Domestic Goods Certificate must have an Industry Registry Certificate and a Capacity Report issued in the name of the same firm and whose validity date continues.

Companies that will apply should make sure that the locality rate is at least 51%.

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