Belarusian Gost B
Belarusian Gost B

Belarusian Gost B

Belarusian Gost B

For the export of products and services to Belarus (Belarus), quality certificates and licenses must be obtained for certain products and services. Belarusian Gost B ( BelST ) quality certificates are issued by certificate centers accredited by the Belarusian Gosstandart institution.

Products that are required to be certified may be required to be obtained in other documents, except for the Belarus Gost B (BelST) conformity quality certificate, for some products during export to Belarus.


 • Gospromnadzor permission,
• Type Approval Certificate for Measuring Devices,
• Health-Epidemiological (Hygiene) certificate,
• Technical passport (technical specification),
• Registration certificate for medicines from the Ministry of Health,
• Belarusian Type Approval for measuring devices.

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