FDA Registration
FDA Registration

FDA Registration

What is FDA Certificate?

 FDA, serving under the United States Department of Health; It is a unit responsible for dietary supplements, food, drugs, blood products, biological medical products, radiation emitting devices, medical devices, veterinary instruments and cosmetics.

For whom is FDA Certificate Registration Required?

Under the bioterrorism law, all US and foreign food companies that manufacture, manufacture, package, or store animal and human food for consumption in the US are required to register with the FDA. Products imported from companies that do not register with the FDA will be detained at the port of transit to the USA and will not be allowed to enter the USA.

How Is FDA Certification Made?

FDA certification is a document that declares that it will recognize any second-party certification and that there will be no certification issues after registration. Importers and courier companies should always be required to submit a manufacturer's registration certificate or a notification that they are registered with the FDA. Some companies give a registration certificate to their customers for their own registration free of charge.


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