SGR Certificate (Hygiene Certificate)
SGR Certificate (Hygiene Certificate)

SGR Certificate (Hygiene Certificate)

SGR Certificate (Hygiene Certificate)

SGR Certificate (Hygiene); It is an obligatory document to have companies that make production, import/export and do this especially with Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. It is also used to prove the suitability of the product for human health.

SGR Certificate Hygiene Certificate This certificate, which is called SGR for short, is given indefinitely. SGR is a compulsory certificate that replaces the Hygiene certificate known by its former name, and it is mostly used in areas such as Construction Chemicals, Clothing, Cosmetics, Children's Clothing products, Clean water pipes, Toys, Food products. required to be provided. Sample submission is required for Hygiene Certificate Procurement.

The certificate is valid in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia from the Customs Union Region Countries. The SGR supply period is between 1-3 months after the requested documents and samples are provided.


 The Hygiene Certificate is an obligatory document for companies that make production, import and export, especially with Russia. This document is officially known in Russia as the Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion and demonstrates that the product meets these result requirements. It is also used to prove the suitability of the product for human health. This document is required in order to prove the conformity of the production, storage, transportation of the product to human health. Production and importation cannot be done without this document. In addition, this document must be obtained in accordance with the Ministry of Health's 15 August 2001y No: 325 Hygiene Certificate mandatory products law.

Russia SGR - Hygiene Certificate required products, products that come into direct contact with the human body and may also affect the respiratory tract, all food products, machinery and equipment used in the production of products such as clothing, perfumes and cosmetics, toys and all equipment that children can use, furniture cleaning materials, paint and chemical products used by people, household chemicals, in the kitchen used tools and some industrial goods.


In Russia, this document is constantly asked by the authorities when the goods are passing through customs or in domestic production. This document is an advantage in export. SGR Certificate - Hygiene certificate It is usually issued together with the GOST Certificate for products that may affect human health.


 Main areas that require SGR Certificate - Hygiene Certificate:

1. All food and beverages that come into contact with the human body,

2. Fragrance, perfume, etc. taken by inhalation or skin. Cosmetics,

3. Clothing items, sheets and towels etc. that come into contact with the human body. some other home textile products

4. Machinery and equipment used in food production

5. Materials used in food packaging

6. Artificial wood materials such as chipboard, MDF used in furniture

7. Toys and all children's paraphernalia

8. Household chemicals

9. Paint and other chemical products for human use

10. Industrial Machines (in terms of noise and vibration)

11. Some products that emit or create an Electromagnetic field

The Hygiene Certificate is frequently questioned by state officials or consumers at the Russian customs and in the warehouses, stores or markets where the products in question are sold.

Please contact us to learn about the current legislation on whether your products should receive SGR Certificate - Hygiene Certificate.

Hygiene Certificate Types

SGR Certificate - Hygiene Documents mainly; It can be given according to the products, the type of service or the technical conditions of the applied processes. Among these, especially the SGR Certificate - Hygiene Certificates given to the products are of interest to manufacturers outside of Russia who export/have them made to Russia. The samples taken from the products are subjected to various tests according to the relevant documentation and it is investigated whether they comply with the norms accepted in Russia.

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