Russia RTN License
Russia RTN License

Russia RTN License

Russia RTN License

Russia RTN Rostekhnadzor , This document is required especially for industrial equipment that is used in flammable, explosive, explosive and other hazardous places in industry and petrochemical sector and poses an environmental hazard.

The Rostekhnadzor Certificate appears as a kind of “Permission to Use”.

This document, which was known as (GOSGORTEKHNADZOR) in the previous years, has been centralized in Russia since 2004 and moved to the federal platform and named (ROSTEKHNADZOR).

Products and equipment that require RTN Certificate (Permit):

 Valves, valves and flaps used in petrochemical and gas facilities

· Freight and Human Elevators, Escalators

Industrial Cranes and Construction Cranes, Elevators

· Air and Gas Compressors

· Pressure vessels

All systems that contain, produce and transport superheated steam

Electro-mechanical equipment requiring Ex-Proof, ATEX specifications

· Special storage units: Gas and Gasoline Warehouses, warehouses where flammable-inflammable or toxic substances are kept

All systems, boilers and blast furnaces that generate heat using gas

Hazardous welding processes and related equipment

All equipment used in Petroleum Refineries

All equipment to be used in mining and underground

Metal Melting Furnaces

RTN Usage Permits are issued for Mass Production (usually for 3 years).

Different RTN Certificates can be issued for the same product, depending on where it will be used.

For example, for a valve; If this valve is to be used in an oil refinery, an expert inspection report is prepared according to certain parameters and an official permit is applied.

RTN Certification Procedure and Process Steps:

In order to obtain an RTN Certificate for a product, these products must have previously received a GOST-R Certificate. These two operations can be executed at the same time, technical characteristics and engineering calculations play a role in RTN operation.

These documents can be given to products, a production line producing a particular product, a certain process system with a predetermined framework, and can be arranged in different ways.

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