Capasity Report
Capasity Report

Capasity Report

Capasity Report

What is the capacity report, where is it used, how to get it?

Definition and Scope of the Capacity Report

Capasity Report; It is a document prepared as a result of scientifically determining how many units of production can be made in a year with the existing machinery and workforce of a company, based on certain criteria. The validity period of the capacity report is 2 years.

What is the Purpose of Capacity Report Issue?

Capacity reports are used to determine the industrial production power of the country, to establish an industrial information system, to obtain an industrial registration certificate, to obtain incentives, allocations, tenders and some documents, etc. in order to shed light on economic and strategic plans and programs. are arranged for use in transactions.

What are the Legislations Making the Issue of Capacity Report Mandatory?

• Industry Registry Law No. 6948,

• TOBB Law No. 5174 (Article 9),

• Decision of the Council of Ministers numbered 7/9914 published in the Official Gazette dated 28/05/1975 and numbered 15248,

• TOBB Transactions Regulation (Article 41),

• Decree Law No. 560 on Production, Consumption and Inspection of Foods and Regulations,

• Communiqués on Incentives,

• Import and Export Regulations

 Which Sectors Are Prepared Capacity Reports?

• Food Industry

• Yarn Industry

• Weaving Industry

• Knitting Industry

• Apparel Industry

• Paint, Finishing and Printing Industry

• Jute and Asbestos Industry

• Carpet and Wire Mesh Industry

• Casting Industry

• Hardware Industry

• Various Wire Products Industry in Cold and Hot Conditions

• Various Metal Industry

• Assembly and Repair, Copper Workshops

• Manufacturing of Electrical Materials, Installation of Electrical Devices, Repair Workshops

• Coating Industry

• Sanitary and Technical Plumbers

• Woodworking Industry

• Soil Goods Industry

• Quarries and Mineral Extraction Industry

• Glass and Porcelain Industry

• Paper and Cardboard Goods Industry

• Printing and Binding Industry

• Chemical Industry

• Soap and Cleaning Materials Industry

• Plastic Goods Industry

• Rubber Goods Industry

• Leather Goods Industry

• Film and Photography Industry

• Prosthesis and Orthopedics Industry

• Various Construction Contracting Works

• Leather Salting and Assortment Works

Where is the Capacity Report Used?

Capacity Reports;

• Investment Incentive Certificate, KOSGEB,

• Inward Processing Permit,

•In the applications for the Temporary Acceptance Permit and at the stage of closing the commitments within the scope of these documents, In the applications for the Industrial Registry Certificate, which is a legal obligation and required for the purchase of electricity and natural gas at a discounted tariff,

• Various Import and Export transactions,

• In official and private tenders,

• In domestic and international loan procurement,

• Participating in domestic and international fairs,

• In the supply of allocated or imported raw materials with tariff quota,

• Obtaining the manufacturer's certificate,

• In tax inspections,

• It is necessary for various purposes of public investigations. In addition, it sheds light on the mobilization plans and programs of our country with the studies of taking the industrial inventory.

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