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CE Certificate is not a document but actually a marking. In our country, CE Mark is used as the concept of CE Certificate. It is used as CE Marking in English. CE Certificate is the product passport that shows that a product complies with the minimum security level according to the European Regulations and gives the product the right to be sold in the market and to free movement in EU countries.


Does your product meet the CE Certificate requirements? If you plan to sell your product to the European market, your product must comply with the health and safety regulations set by the EU. The purpose of the CE Certificate is to prove the safety and quality of the products to be sold in the European market and to promote fair trade.





CE Certificate ensures that the product is presented, circulated and sold freely in the European and Turkish markets.

Manufacturers are obliged to put the "CE" mark on the product in order to market and sell their products in the EU market,

CE Certificate indicates the conformity of the product with EU Regulations,

CE Certificate is definitely not a quality brand and guarantee certificate,

CE Marked product cannot be returned in EU countries, by presenting legal justifications related to norms,

The CE Mark is an indication of compliance with the New approach directives.

Products without CE certificate cannot be sold in our country or in the EU market.



Which Products Should Get CE Certificate?


Products that must bear the CE Mark have been determined by the relevant directives. A product can fall within the scope of one directive or more than one directive. In this case, the manufacturer/importer or distributor should definitely do a good research on the product.


In summary, within the scope of CE Certificate:


Construction Materials


Gas Burning Appliances

hot water boilers

Pressure vessels


 Personal Protective Equipment


medical devices

In vitro medical diagnostic devices

Measurement tools

Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments

Low Voltage Devices

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Simple pressure vessels

Active Implantable Medical Devices

Equipment Used in Explosive Environments

Explosives for civilian use

Vehicles Moving on Cable for Passenger Carriage

Recreational Boats

Radio and telecommunications terminal devices

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