Russia Ex-Proof
Russia Ex-Proof

Russia Ex-Proof

What is Russia Ex-Proof Certificate?

It proves the compliance of the electrical products with the risk of explosion with the customs standards of the Russian State and the sales by the Russian State.

 In how many days is the Explosion Safety Certificate issued?

It is given within 15 – 30 working days.                                  

 What is required for the Explosion-Non-Hazardous Certificate?

The documents required for obtaining the Explosion Non-Hazardous Certificate are as follows;

– Manufacturer information

– Proxy to the organization that will carry out the transaction by the manufacturer

– Technical information about the product, user manual or product passport

– Technical drawings and diagrams of the product (if not included in technical information)

– Copy of Explosion-Non-Hazardous certificate from the country of manufacture (if any)

– Expert factory audit with samples and necessary conditions for tests


Other documents and information may be requested depending on the type of product produced. The certification process may also vary.

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