TSE Product Certification
TSE Product Certification

TSE Product Certification

TSE Product Certification

TSE Turkish Standards Conformity Certificate; In accordance with the Turkish standard, without the right to obtain a certificate suitable for manufacturing, the company that determines the Turkish standard suitable for the production in question and has been given the right to use the TSE Brand with the signed contract, and the Brand, class, class, type and reference used for the TSE Brand on it. is the document. The document is valid for one year.

TSE Brand; Accordingly, and/or the container will be used in accordance with the mono laws registered in 556 types, in accordance with the mono laws determined in 556 types, instead of packaging produced in accordance with the Turkish standard and they will be in accordance with the Convicted Trademarks.

Like the TS mark and the number next to it (TS 4600), it expresses the declaration of the dairy product that the product is produced in accordance with the Turkish standard. It is not subject to any warranty by the Turkish Speech Institute.

What is TSEK Criteria Conformity Certificate?

TSEK (Certificate of Conformity to Criteria); Standards belonging to other manufacturers in Turkey, standard international standards, standards, standards for products within the scope of the contract, indicating the rights companies of countries for TS products that are suitable by the Turkish Standards Institute, standards for TS products conforming to Turkish Standards, standards, standards in quality standards. On the products of the TSEK brand; The trademark, class, class, type and indicating and validity period of one year is called the document.

TSEK Brand; Accordingly, the implemented construction projects, which indicate that they are to be procured in accordance with the Factors and Values ​​accepted in accordance with the Turkish Standards in accordance with the packaging and/or the packaging, and which have been signed, are called monograms registered in four different types according to the Decree on the Use of Trademarks No. 556.

A committee that is involved in the processes carried out in the Turkish Standards Institute and, if deemed appropriate, in production is assigned. Inspection fee, on-site; Performs plant, equipment, personnel and quality system inspections. As a result of the examination, in a comprehensive enough condition, samples are taken and subjected to inspection and tests according to Quality Factors. Production Site Inspection Report and Inspection and Test Reports are discussed and decided by the Institute's Certification Commission.

If the right to use the TSEK brand is purchased, a contract under the TSEK Brand is signed between the company and the Institute in the comfort of a notary public. The company is given a TSEK certificate stating that it complies with the Quality Factors.

Regarding the review made to the company; examination, specific document and inspection and test establishments are accrued and the relevant fee is made. Having received TSEK certificate, every January EK reports to the Institute the gross amount of TS sold for the previous season. This amount will be kept against the Institute according to the TSEK Brand Usage Fee Schedule (redetermined every year).

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